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Teaching Philosophy

Creating Beloved Community

What does it mean to be free? Free to question, free to explore, free to imagine, free to create… What would it take for all students to feel free? I think it starts with being in community with our students. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. imagined a “beloved community”, conceptualizing a world where people would bond on the basis of shared humanness.


Community Programs

Art 180 Teen Program

Showcasing students' photography work from a co-constructed Art 180 summer program for teens in a collaborative book format. In collaboration with MJ Minutoli and our students (listed).


Elementary Lessons

This is How We Care

Students worked together to demonstrated their understanding of how their individual identities and experiences relate to one another in order to foster positive self and community images.

Secondary Lessons

Visualizing Community

This unit was developed as a collaborative reflection on the Mending Walls RVA mural project to help people more deeply engage with their communities and each other.


Art by Natalie (Midlothian Senior)

Imagine More Run through_2.gif

Interactive Pedagogy 

Digital Game Creation 

The objective of Imagine More is to obtain the necessary elements of a truly inclusive, anti-ableist, antiracist, multicultural, feminist classroom (i.e., the ideal classroom) by weaving through three different rooms that each represent a key focal point of the ideal classroom.

In collaboration with

Graduate Research

Curricular Guidebook

This arts-informed research study explored the experiences of local community artists and educators working to radically transform and heal the experiences of underinvested Black students in Richmond through collaborative arts engagement.

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