Creating Beloved Community

What does it mean to be free? Free to question, free to explore, free to imagine, free to create… What would it take for all students to feel free? I think it starts with being in community with our students. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. imagined a “beloved community”, conceptualizing a world where people would bond on the basis of shared humanness. By bonding with our students, walls of resistance start to fall, and doors of opportunity begin to open. Through art engagement, those developed bonds work to create meaningful experiences. In these meaningful experiences, art can serve as our most powerful tool to communicate with one another, raise awareness about issues, and progress society.


Photography Book

Showcasing students' work from co-constructed Art 180 summer program for teens in a collaborative book format. In collaboration with MJ Minutoli and our students (listed).

rvauntold ppl cards_maggiedraft.png

Digital Art Series

Highlighting influential Black figures of history who don't often get recognition.