A company dedicated to bringing out the inner artist in everyone. Parents can trust us with their children’s creative spirits and food needs because we produce well designed, durable, and effortless lunchware that makes their world colorful and fun.

There is a loss of art in schools. Education lays the foundation for people to understand the values within a society, and art is not something American society focuses on. Essential can fill that gap by inspiring your children's creative minds through engaging art projects they can create and personalize for their Essential lunchware products. 

We strive to bring out the creativity in everyone. You can select pre-made

designs or create your own unique art, both of which you can change or update bi-annually. Our designers can transform your designs onto any product we sell, the possibility are endless. 

Art is a universal language, and necessity in life, as it helps develop us into effective problem solversPeople must realize the impact of art, and the importance of S.T.E.A.M.    

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